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Realistic and fotorealistic custom tattooing

Kajaste Art is a private tattoo studio of Jari Kajaste who is specialized in realistic and photorealistic tattooing.
Jari has an apprentice, PG, who Jari is teaching the art of tattooing. PG’s tattooing style is quite graphic and simple but innovative.

We are based in the Old Town of Tallinn in Estonia and also occasionally working in Helsinki, Turku, The Netherlands, Austria, France, and on tattoo conventions all over the world.

Kajaste Art also hosts guest artists from around the world, so keep your eye on our updating list of guest spots and tattoo conventions. 

Tattoo Artist Jari Kajaste

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The studio is open from monday through sunday but with an appointment only. You can book your tattoo appointment or consultation appointment by email at studio@kajaste.art or straight from your desired artist.


Tattoos available available in Finland, Estonia, France and Austria

Jari has been tattooing since 1997, and is specialized in realistic and photorealistic tattooing in color and B&G, and designing and executing larger custom projects. Jari’s tattoos are mainly done based on photographs but he does enjoy occasionally doing tattoos of other styles as well. He is also a true wizard when it comes to high demanding cover-up tattoos.

PG is Jari’s apprentice who likes to develop her skills on smaller tattoos in her own quirky style. She charges apprentice prices.

Miss Scarrific is a professional body piercer and a body modification artist who specializes in scarifications.

Portfolios and work samples can be found from Artistit -page.

Jari Kajaste

Tattoo artist
Jari speaks finnish and english.
Instagram: @jari_kajaste
Facebook: Jari Kajaste


Tattoo apprentice
PG speaks finnish, english, and basic estonian
Instagram: @twistedlettering

Miss Scarrific

Body modification artist
Miss Scarrific aka Joan speaks french, english and dutch.
Instagram: @miss_scarrific